How Idyllic Summers Started

Idyllic Summers combines the know-how of Filipino artisans and indigenous peoples with influences of contemporary resortwear. Each piece is handmade by Filipino artisans with the aim of supporting Filipino-owned SME's, NGO's, co-ops and indigenous peoples. A strong emphasis is placed on handmade, heritage and embellishment.

Unique surface textures are designed each season through a collaborative process between the artisans and our founder, Steffi Cua. She is a Filipino native who returned home to found Idyllic Summers after graduating from the London College of Fashion and working in the womenswear buying offices of Harrods. Her aim is to craft effortless pieces that can last and be cherished for years, with unexpected combinations of new and old, east and west, refined and raw.

Our Philosophy

Passion for Craftsmanship

weavers in Abra & iloilo

In every stitch, we honor the time-honored traditions of Abra and Iloilo weavers, preserving the beauty of their artistry, and celebrating the dedication of our indigenous weavers. Some of our fabrics are custom-colored to resonate with contemporary tastes; while each piece we create is a testament to their heritage, experience, and unwavering commitment to their craft.

Tropical Resortswear

comfort & tranquility

Our dream is to see all of you whilst on holiday, in the sandy shores of the Philippines, or the south of France, Greece, or in Bali, with a glass of aperol spritz in hand, worry-free and only the sounds of the crashing waves reverberating in your minds. We create resortswear that captures the essence of everyday comfort, with loose-fitting designs, cotton fabrics, and adjustable ribbon closures.

Exploring Culture & Heritage

a local interpretation

Our collections are a Filipino interpretation of various Eastern European and East Asian traditional garments, such as Romanian peasant blouses and Kashmir garments. We also make various kaftan-style garments with local Binakol and Hablon textiles.

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